Anita Goodesign "Free" Shipping Policy Information

UPDATE 2017-09: anitagoodesign coupon code now credits $10.00!

Starting in June of 2016 we began using the coupon code anitagoodesign which provides a discount on orders that include a qualifying Anita Goodesign CD as detailed below. This discount method completely replaced the old ''Free Best-Way S/H policy'' on Anita Goodesign CDs. The old policy only included orders within the USA. The new policy can be used for orders to any country we service.
For many years our Anita Goodesign customers within the USA have enjoyed our competitive prices along with free shipping. Anyone familiar with our popular discounted shipping rates will quickly realize that this new policy will actually provide as much as $6.00 in additional savings over the old policy.
ORDER VALUE Standard Shipping Rates for Orders Within the USA

Shipping Rates for Orders Containing an AGd CD and Using the New anitagoodesign Coupon Code

Net Effect Over
the Old Method

$0.01 to $24.99 $8.00  N/A (AGd CDs start at $29.99) N/A
$25.00 to $49.99 $6.00  S/H is $6.00 and a $10.00 credit applies to the order $4.00 added savings
$50.00 to $74.99 $4.00  S/H is $4.00 and a $10.00 credit applies to the order $6.00 added savings
$75.00 and UP $0.00  S/H is FREE and a $10.00 credit applies to the order $10.00 added savings
ORDER VALUE USPS Priority Mail International

 USPS PMI S/H Rates With an AGd CD On The Order

$29.99 and UP $23.99 and UP (Canada)  $23.99 and UP and a $10.00 credit applies to the order $10.00 added savings
$29.99 and UP $33.99 and UP (All Others)  $33.99 and UP and a $10.00 credit applies to the order $10.00 added savings
This updated policy went into effect 06-10-2016. This page is in place to give our customers an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the new policy. Our customers have grown very accustomed to having their Anita Goodesign CDs shipped for free and we have no intention of changing that--only the method in which it is done. The coupon code, anitagoodesign, will be listed in numerous places on our website and FaceBook page. We want people to utilize this policy so the coupon code will not be a secret as the codes on most other websites are.
Any order placed without the use of the coupon code anitagoodesign will be assessed S/H based our standard S/H rates. The coupon code cannot be applied to an order once checkout has been completed. The order processing department cannot add or apply the coupon code after checkout has been completed. Just like any other website, if an order is placed without entering a coupon code, no discount will be applied. The coupon code is not retroactive for old or existing orders. has been serving your embroidery, sewing, and quilting
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