Scissors & Rotary Cutters

Scissors & Snips
Scissors & Snips

Havel's Specialty Scissors & Snips
Top German Quality Brand Scissors (4" 5" or 6" Sizes)
Batting Scissors by Handi Quilter, Specially Designed, Nearly 12" Overall
'Titanium' Scissors Set (3), Lighter and 3x Stronger Than Stainless Steel, Stays Sharper Longer
Soft-Grip 8-1/4" Stainless Steel Dressmaker's Shears
Hemline Stainless Steel 3-Pc Scissor Set -- 5" Snips, 5" Embroidery, 8-1/2" All-Purpose
Mundial Scissors & Shears
Fiskars Scissors & Snips
Gingher Scissors & Snips
Handy 4" Thread Trimmers
Pro-Cut Embroidery Scissors 4 1/4" (110mm) Stainless #354
Fiskars Softgrip Touchpoints Spring Action Scissors (9911)
Gingher 3-1/2" Stork Embroidery Scissors (G-ST)
Gingher 4" Embroidery Scissors (G-4)
Gingher 4" Featherweight Thread Snips (G-NS-4)
Gingher 6" Knife Edge Applique Scissors (G-6R)
Gingher 7" Knife Edge Dressmaker's Shears (G-7)
Gingher 7-1/2" Pinking Shears (G-7P)
Havel's 8" Serrated Sewing/Quilted Scissors (# 30212)
Havel's 9" Dura-Edge Pinking Shears
Havel's 8" Sewing/Quilting Scissors (# 30202)
Havel's 5-1/2" Straight Tip Serrated Embroidery Scissors (# 60140)
Havel's 3-1/2" "Hardanger" Double-Curved, Arrow-Point, Curved/Fine Tip Scissors (# 30028)
Havel's 5-1/2" Ulti-Mates Multi-Angled Machine Embroidery Scissors (# 33025)
Havel's 5" Double-Curved Scissors (# 70040)
Havel's 4-1/2" Snip-A-Stitch Squeeze Scissors (# 33009)
Havel's 4 3/4" "Snip-Eze" Embroidery Scissors (# 33010)
Havel's 5-3/4" Double-Curved/Off-Set Applique Scissors (# 33015)
Mundial 8-1/2" Premium Stainless Knife Edge Dressmaker's Scissors (M660)
Mundial 8-1/2" Premium Stainless Pinking Shears (M665)
Easy Kut 3-1/2" Spring Action Scissors by Tooltron
Rag Quilting Snips by Klein Cutlery (VP7) -- Made in USA
Microtip Thread Clip/Snips w/Ergonomic Handle by Klein Cutlery
Nifty Notions 6-1/4" Rag Quilting Snips (NN1214)
Nifty Notions 9" Stainless Steel Dressmakers Shears (NN1216)
Nifty Notions 8" Serrated Nickel-Plated Fabric Shears (NN1215)
4-1/4" Applique & Embroidery Floral Design Pelican Scissors by ToolTron
Nifty Notions 4-1/2" Mini Applique Scissors with Bill
Electric Seam Ripper - Cordless & Amazing !! - by Wahl Trimmers
Peggy's Stitch Eraser 3 Stitch Removal Tool # PSE3
Rotary Cutters & Replacement Blades
Rotary Cutters & Replacement Blades

Fiskars 45mm Rotary Cutter
Olfa 45mm Rotary Cutter
Olfa 60mm Rotary Cutter
Olfa 45mm Deluxe/Ergonomic Rotary Cutter
Olfa 60mm Deluxe/Ergonomic Rotary Cutter
Olfa 18mm Rotary Cutter
Olfa Rotary Circle Cutter (CMP-3)
Clover Slash Cutter #499
Fiskars 45mm Replacement Blade
Olfa 18mm Replacement Rotary Blade 2-Pack
Olfa 28mm Replacement Blade 2-Pack # RB28-2
Olfa 28mm Replacement Blades 10-Pack
Olfa 45mm Replacement Blade (Single)
Olfa 45mm Replacement Blade 5-Pack
Olfa 45mm Replacement Blade 10-Pack
Olfa 45mm Pinking Blade
Olfa 60mm Replacement Blade (Single)
Olfa 60mm Replacement Blade 5-Pack
Simplicity Rotary Cutting Machine Optional Scallop Blade (881986)
Roll the Gold Titanium-Coated 45mm Rotary Blades 10-Pack
Havel's 28mm 2-in-1 Chenille & Rotary Cutter (# 32028)
Havel's 28mm Replacement Blade 2-Pack
Havel's 45mm Comfort Rotary Cutter w/Retractable Blade
Havel's 45mm Replacement Blade 1-Pack
Havel's 60mm Rotary Cutter w/Safety Guard Blade (# 32060)
Havel's 60mm Rotary Cutter Replacement Blade 1-Pack
Omnigrid Rotary Cutter Storage Case
Omnigrid Rotary Cutter Carrier - Clip-On (to Your Belt)
Fiskars Ergo Control Deluxe Rotary Cutter 45mm
Dual Stage 45mm Rotary Blade Sharpener -- Coarse and Fine Sides
Omnigrid 45mm Pressure Sensitive Rotary Cutter
Quilters 3pc Value Set by Sew Easy, Incl. Mat, Ruler, & Rotary Cutter has been serving your embroidery, sewing, and quilting
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