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Most machine-specific items can be located through our Parts Section. (941) 766-7118 Most Orders Ship FREE w/Quick Processing.
YES! We are open during the COVID-19 Crisis. Orders shipping daily.

During this time please direct all inquiries to sheila@expertsewing.net.

UPDATE 04/15: Due to intermittent and delayed shipments from our suppliers some orders may take an extra 1-2 weeks (or more) to be processed. Most of our suppliers are working during the COVID-19 crisis but many have a limited staff and/or reduced schedule. Most people seem to understand that we are all in this together and everybody that is still working is doing their best to work within the circumstances we have all been dealt. Thank you for your patience.

UPDATE 04/24: Regarding International shipments. We cannot process International orders at this time. USPS is experiencing substantial delays in certain areas (hot spots) of the USA. Shipments from our location in Southwest Florida route through the postal hub in Miami. The Miami area is the hottest spot in Florida for COVID-19 cases and deaths and this is likely the cause.

NOTICE 05/16: Regarding shipping. Currently every order that is shippable in it's entirety is being processed for shipment within 1-2 business days from the day that we receive it (excludes nights and weekends). Unfortunately, some orders cannot be processed so quickly. Many, many companies are out of stock on certain items and SewingSupplyWarehouse is no exception. Items on our site that have the statement "Contact us for availability" on their page very likely have an availability issue. Some items are arriving to us slower than normal while others are out at the supplier level. Adding one of these items onto your order is a good way to delay it. Items on our site that have the statement "Usually ships x to x business days" are items that we do not in stock--pandemic or no pandemic. We simply cannot stock everything and offer these items as a convenience to customers who cannot obtain them elsewhere. Ordering an item with an availability issue or an item that we do not stock will delay your order. If you want your order to be processed promptly please do not order items with a known issue.

NOTICE 05/16: Regarding ETAs. During this unusual period of uncertainty it has become a near impossibility set ETAs on delayed orders. An ETA has to be based on reliable information. The party that has the item provides information down the chain to the party that wants the item. Think of the chain as: Manufacturer ► Importer ► Distributor/Supplier/Wholesaler ► Seller/Dealer (us) ► Consumer (you). It is perfectly understandable that a consumer wants an ETA. If you go backwards up the chain and no party has accurate information that leaves two choices: no ETA or a fabricated ETA. We have chosen to forego making up false ETAs and let the "extra 1-2 weeks (or more)" estimate posted on our homepage 04/15 be used in place of individual ETAs on each delayed order.

NOTICE 05/30: Ongoing industry supply issues and back-order(s). Due to ongoing product outages with Brother USA and our other suppliers no back-orders can be held for items on our website that are listed as "out," "low," or "contact us for availability" that are included on an order. If an item is marked in one of these ways and you are willing to wait for it please expressly state how long you are willing to wait in your checkout comments. Orders with one of these items and no express comment(s) will unfortunately need to have the items removed. Please remember that lowering the order value may affect the shipping costs (you cannot order items you know we don't have just to get free or discounted S/H). It is with regret that we post this notice but the amount of orders for items listed as "contact us for availability" has simply gotten out of hand. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we all work through the conditions caused by the global pandemic.

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