Mettler Silk-Finish 100% Cotton Thread 50wt 150m Article # 9105 (Replaces Article # 105)

Mettler Silk-Finish Cotton 50wt
100% Mercerized Cotton

Article # 105/9105  50wt  164yd/150m Per Spool
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SILK-FINISH COTTON 50wt is the perfect sewing and quilting thread for your finest cotton creations. The high-quality thread boasts a luxuriously soft effect and has a supple feel. SILK-FINISH COTTON 50wt is available in a wide choice of colors and different spool sizes. The larger spools are perfectly suited for long-arm quilting. Through the mercerization process, SILK-FINISH COTTON 50wt reaches a high breaking point, high heat resistance, and has reduced shrinkage. SILK-FINISH COTTON 50wt thread impresses with its natural shine and gives all your creations the special effects.
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Natural cotton: Pure cotton thread made of 100% long staple, Egyptian cotton with the soft sheen of natural cotton. The natural fiber is gentle on the skin, feels soft, smooth and silk-like.
Mercerization: SILK-FINISH COTTON 50wt passes through a mercerization process which makes the thread very strong, heat resistant and has reduced shrinkage.
Highest color fastness: Due to the special dyeing technology, an exceptional color fastness is guaranteed.
Optimal sewability: SILK-FINISH COTTON 50wt has an extraordinary seam elasticity, smooth seams and great care properties.

Note: article number 9105 replaces article number 105. Mettler added a "9" to the front of several of their article numbers so that the article numbers are now four digits. The thread itself is unchanged but many of the color numbers have been changed. See the free download conversion chart for more information Page 1 Page 2. (Right-Click "Save Link/File/Target As") Some of our stock is still Art. 105 and some is Art. 9105. Orders may be filled with a mix of the two until all of the Art. 105 has finally sold.
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