Singer 2020 (Red Band/Regular Point) or 2045/2021 (Yellow Band/Ball Point) Needles <br> -- Replaces 15x1, HAx1, & 130/705/H Household Needle Systems

Singer Household Sewing Machine Needles
2020 (Red Band/Regular Point)
Replaces Needle Systems  15x1,  HAx1,  &  130/705/H
2045/2021 (Yellow Band/Ball Point)
Replaces Needle Systems  15x1 BP/SUK,  HAx1 BP/SUK,  &  130/705/H BP or SUK

Fits most all household sewing machines and Singer 14U64A serger.
Singer Sewing Machine Needles. Small, assortment, and bulk packages.

Nearly all household sewing machines use the same type of needle identified by what is known as the "Needle System." Over the years different companies have used various designations for the same needle system. Singer uses 2020 for Regular Point and 2045 (2021) for Ball Point. Other companies use 15x1, HAx1, and/or 130/705H for Regular Point and add BP or SUK for Ball Point. Specific to Singer, "Red Band" refers to the red band of coloring on the shank or top of the needle. This helps to identify the needle when it is not in it's package. Red Band is for Regular Point, Yellow Band is Ball Point, and Brown Band is for the more sturdy needles for use on leather. Additionally, Singer needles have a second, smaller color band near the middle of the needle. This denotes the needle's size.

If your machine calls for any of the Needle Systems listed above, these needles can be used. Alternatively, if you started here looking for Singer 2020/2045 needles and have decided you want to try a higher quality needle, please try either the Organ 15x1 (Asian Made) or Schmetz 15x1 (German Made).

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Singer 2020 Red Band, Regular Point
List Price $4.99 -- CLOSEOUT $2.49

Size 70/9  10-Pack  --  CLOSEOUT

Size 80/11  10-Pack  --  CLOSEOUT
Size 90/14  10-Pack  --  CLOSEOUT
Size 100/16  10-Pack  -- CLOSEOUT



Singer 2020 Red Band, Regular Point

Size 110/18,  5-Pack
List Price $3.49 -- CLOSEOUT $1.99

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Genuine Singer 2045 Ball Point needles are offered below in bulk and on a special order basis.
Alternatively we stock and recommend Schmetz Ball Point needles in a variety of sizes, in 5-packs.

Singer 2045 Yellow Band, Ball Point (2021)
Size 80/11,  Bulk/100-Needle Pack
Special Order Available,  Ships 1-2 Weeks
List Price $49.99 -- Sale Price $39.99

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Singer 2045 Yellow Band, Ball Point (2021)
Size 90/14,  Bulk/100-Needle Pack
List Price $49.99 -- SPECIAL $32.99

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Singer 2045 Yellow Band, Ball Point (2021)
Size 100/16,  Bulk/100-Needle Pack
Special Order Available,  Ships 1-2 Weeks
List Price $49.99 -- Sale Price $39.99

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Note: 2021 is a foreign-market Singer designation for 2045. It seems they originally intended to sell the same needles in two places, under two different part numbers but have ultimately unloaded them here in the USA anyway. The style number and band color may vary, but the needles are the same. has been serving your embroidery, sewing, and quilting
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